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hi! i'm renee.

blogger, wine enthusiast, amateur photographer, long distance runner, book reader, music appreciator.

chicago born and raised.

my husband and i welcomed our baby girl to the world in february.

here you'll find some things i like.
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we arrived in sedona and had a day free before attending a friend’s wedding in the evening.

i got up around 7am to get my run in (8 solid miles instead of the 14 i was supposed to do - definitely not accustomed to the hills and elevation!) and then we set out to find an adventure before the wedding.

so, we rented some bikes, got a map and hit some trails.

mountain biking is no joke! going up is hard (like really hard), coming down is scary (like scary fun), but it’s a huge adrenaline rush.

quite possibly one of our favorite activities of the weekend.