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chicago born and raised.

my husband and i welcomed our baby girl to the world in february.

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remember this list? slowly but surely i’m making my way through my bucket list before i turn thirty.  this weekend, j and i took an impromptu trip up to wisconsin to go camping for the very first time!

exhibit a. abigail guarding our tent

my cute hubby making a fire:

grilled chicken & veggies over an open fire:

we sat around the fire until it got very very dark, talking about life and the future.  we didn’t realize it until we got there, but we needed a little getaway for just the two of us.  big foot beach state park was great - clean, well-kept, not too crowded, and right on lake geneva.  sleeping in a tent was interesting… not sure it’s something i want to do on a regular basis, but i’m certainly up for camping again!

the next morning, we got up, packed up our gear and headed into town to stroll around a bit.

my dad took us to lake geneva a few times when we were kids, and i have such great memories from those trips.

i’m pretty sure abby had the best weekend of her life.

one of my favorite parts of lake geneva is the lakefront path.  it curves around in the backyards of the MASSIVE houses along the lakefront for a few miles, and offers a great view of both the lake and the real estate.

this one was our fave - stunning!

it was a great little getaway, and only an hour and a half away from the city. 

i turn 28 this year, in may. a few weeks ago, jason and i started talking about all the things we’d love to accomplish over the next few years - and being married with no children, how this is the perfect time to cross off any and all items on our  bucket list. 

cliche as it is, here it is - the thirty things i’d love to do before i turn thirty, presented in no particular order:

  1. run a marathon
  2. visit paris
  3. take an in-depth photography course for my dSLR
  4. buy a new house that has a least a patch of grass that is ours
  5. stay in napa at the carneros inn again with my husband
  6. master five songs on the guitar
  7. visit the amalfi coast
  8. develop a fabulous recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies
  9. compete in a triathlon
  10. take a tour of the white house
  11. learn to surf
  12. pay for the next customer’s drink at starbucks
  13. go to the opera
  14. take a vacation to hawaii
  15. make the perfect batch of my nona’s mostacioli
  16. go to lollapalooza
  17. grow an herb garden (and keep it alive)
  18. take a hip-hop dance class
  19. reach my goal weight and stay there
  20. ask my grandma to teach me to say at least five things in croatian
  21. visit the mikvah
  22. sleep outside aka go camping - i’ve never done it!
  23. take a girls trip with my mom and sisters
  24. do a 30-day yoga challenge
  25. complete a DIY home decor project
  26. learn to drive a stick shift
  27. pay off my student loans
  28. ride in a helicopter
  29. go horseback riding with my husband
  30. become a mom

so much fun, right? i’ll cross things off the list as i complete them - and be sure to share my experiences with all of you.