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hi! i'm renee.

blogger, wine enthusiast, amateur photographer, long distance runner, book reader, music appreciator.

chicago born and raised.

my husband and i welcomed our baby girl to the world in february.

here you'll find some things i like.
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pardon the unoriginal gym shoe photo (it was either this or a locker-room selfie and that was not an option today)… but i assure you i took this photo for a reason. 

eleven months ago, i ran a marathon. a couple weeks later, i got pregnant. thus putting my running habit on hiatus

unintentionally, i left this timer chip on my shoe all of last summer. then it became fall, and the chip was still there. as i grew bigger and my workouts became scarce, the chip become somewhat symbolic for me. as it got harder and harder to move and i couldn’t imagine working out, much less running, ever again, i kept the chip on my shoe as a reminder that one day i did it… so i just might be able to do it again.

today, just one day shy of 8 weeks postpartum, i ran. 3 slow miles (slower than slow) but it felt good. and i even sprinted the last quarter mile, as i like to do. my body is so far from what it used to be, but i felt like myself. maybe not a runner, but someone who runs, and likes it.

time for the chip to come off, i think. i’m not sure when my next race will be (i’m contemplating this one, and maybe this one) and even if i don’t get to it this year, i know it’s doable and i know i’ll do it. again. 

  1. monkeychow said: I have my 6 week follow up on Thursday and am looking forward to getting back to running. This is inspiring! Nice work, mama.
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