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hi! i'm renee.

blogger, wine enthusiast, amateur photographer, long distance runner, book reader, music appreciator.

chicago born and raised.

my husband and i welcomed our baby girl to the world in february.

here you'll find some things i like.
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38 weeks.

here we are, another week closer to meeting this baby! 

thoughts i’m currently having:

  • boy or girl? boy or girl? BOY OR GIRL?!?!
  • ouch. the baby is getting bigger by the day and the baby’s head is still resting quite uncomfortably beneath the right side of my ribcage. the pressure is so intense (stabby, burning sensation) and it feels like the nerves in that area are going to be permanently damaged. 
  • contractions: either stop altogether or GET ON WITH IT already because it’s uncomfortable and annoying. enough practice, and FYI to my uterus - we’re having a c-section anyway. 
  • the 10th month of pregnancy is basically cruel and unusual punishment. my heart goes out to ash who has been pregnant for 2 more weeks than me. FYI to baby UCYN - time to come out! 
  • remember this? when pregnancy was so beautiful and amazing and  enjoyable? i’m trying to channel that positive energy yet somehow the feeling seem like a very distant memory… 

question for new mamas: i have 8 days til go time, and everything is done. i’ve shopped, cleaned, packed my bags, caught up with friends, stacked my DVR… any advice about how i should spend my last week before baby? 

8 days, my friends… 8 DAYS! 

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  2. indieless said: eek so soon!
  3. thegreatworldofmelissa said: It looks like the baby has dropped some if that makes you feel a little better. Sleep sleep sleep every second of the next 8 days.
  4. moreofmolly said: Sleep! Freeze meals, relax, eat, sleep, get a pedicure (seriously, I’ve heard that foot massages can induce labor bc of the reflexology points in the foot). I had Ryan the day after a pedicure so there may be some truth to it!
  5. wineandglitterplease said: Last week: sleep, nap, enjoy the quiet, read, eat great meals, watch great movies, nap, pamper yourself and nap more. ENJOY!!!
  6. alliinminny said: Sleeping!! ;) no, just kick your feet up and relax. Or make one last trip to Target solo. Life’s about to change in so many amazing ways!!
  7. hershyscorner said: date nights. go to the movie theater. SLEEP if you can.
  8. kellykovetskouture said: I’m literally dying, over here myself. Comforting to know others are about as done with this as I am!! Hang in there!
  9. jelizabethl said: It’s almost baby time!
  10. dealwithitdotgif said: Getting as much sleep/rest as you can. Doing WHATEVER you want. Taking really long showers
  11. yayanniebee said: Do absolutely NOTHING and enjoy it!
  12. umcanyounot said: so excited for you! baby UCYN is trying to break the record for most time spent in utero so let’s concentrate on YOU because 8 days!!!!!
  13. mediocremommy said: get a pedicure :)
  14. iamtallandawesome said: pamper yourself. mani/pedi, facial, take yourself to the movies, take warm bubble baths, indulge in a night out at a favorite fancy restaurant, etc. I had issues at first feeling guilty spending my time pampering, but I absolutely don’t regret it now
  15. babytakesmanhattan said: Rest, read, movies, dinners out, blowout, nails. Basically anything that will be next to impossible to do w a newborn.
  16. mar-see-ah said: I think it’s crazy that you and UCYN and MonkeyChow are all due appx NOW.
  17. almosthalfway said: if you have the time, i’d prep a few meals to leave in the freezer! even a few small ziplocs of mixed frozen fruit that can be tossed in a blender for healthy smoothies. it’s tough to find time to prep food with a newborn.